Strange Hotel, Nagasaki Japan

Welcome to Henn Na Hotel (変なホテル, Strange Hotel), a place where your futuristic dreams are realized ten fold as you are greeted and served by a series of helpful and endearing androids. The concept: to provide a revolutionary customer service experience that is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and a catalyst for further study into robotics and human interaction.

Henn-na Hotel common area

The hotel achieves this in a variety of clever and innovative ways. Upon arrival you will be greeted by two receptionists, a female Japanese speaking humanoid with long, luscious blinking eyelashes, and a bow tie wearing, English speaking dinosaur. Since androids are not particularly skilled at finding lost room keys, guests are also required to record a digital mapping image of their face in order to register and thus there are no room keys.


A rather friendly robot will then escort you to your room and carry your luggage for you, all while rocking out to some tunes blasting from its stereo system.


If you simply wish to store a valuable item then the “Robot Cloak Room” is also available to customers, a gigantic robotic arm that sits in a glass encasement storing and withdrawing boxes for guests on command.


Now that you have arrived at your room courtesy of your new party loving robot pal, you will be greeted by another new robot buddy by the name of “Tuly,” a lamp sized cutie that can answer questions like, “What time is it?” and, “What’s the weather like tomorrow?” as well as turn the lights on and off for you since there are no switches.

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Food for thought…


Henn-na Hotel (13)


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