This blog is a pinboard showcasing the latest news, launches or talent I come across. You will travel the world and discover new places, restaurants, exhibits, architecture, design or travel spots. There are so many inspiring things to see, people to discover & creativity to explore.

Thanks to a recent collaboration with a new online concept store, this blog will also share with you the news & products of YADCHERI.COM.

YAD CHERI is a unique concept where you will find a selection of products that relate to the HAND. Whether handmade, hand shaped or for the use of the hand, this online boutique collaborates with new talents as well as established brands.

It’s always inspiring, enriching and simply fun to find out what is going on all over the world in terms of talent, creativity  & energy so we invite you to join us and share the journey and discover some incredible places.

How this blog came about :

After owning a contemporary home accessories boutique called OZONE for 15 years and later moving on to become the buyer of the Home & Gift department for a luxury department store, starting this blog was the natural extension to these activities. Collaborating with YAD CHERI is new opportunity to explore the world of design & fashion and once again embrace creation & expression

Join us on

instagram: @tickmybox and @yadcheri

pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/yadcheriinc



  1. What a fantastic little blog you have here. I stumbled upon it through researching the UUfie lake house cottage here in Ontario, Canada. Your content is eye catching and really great.


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