Malika Favre


Malika Favre is a French artist based in London.

Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour.

Her unmistakable style has established her as one of the UK’s most sought after graphic artists. Malika’s clients include The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books, amongst many others.

Portraits by Craig Redman of the NY graphic design duo Craig & Karl. From artists to pop start or fashion and film icons Craig Redman redesign their portrait with colorful geometric patterns in a very Linchtenstein and Warhol style.


Woody Allen


Fabulous poster designs from the 86th Academy Awards

Mill+’s blog, is the creative studio responsible for the Show PackageNomination Package, and In Memoriam Sequence.

Created by creative directors Manija Emran and Henry Hobson, each poster was “specifically designed to echo the concept and tell the individual story of each nominee”.

My personal favourite…after all it was all about the hair








PROFILE : Jean-Paul Goude


Jean-Paul Goude (born 1940, Saint-Mandé, Paris, France) is a French graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and advertising film director. He has formerly worked as art director at Esquire Magazine in New York during the 1970s, and famously choreographed the 1989 Bicentennial Parade in Paris to mark the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. In addition, over the last three decades, he has created well known campaigns and illustrations for brands including Perrier, Citroën, Kodak, and Chanel.

Some of his incredible work :

Jean-Paul-Goude-1993 JP-Goude-Carolina-photo-peinte-New-York-1973.-Le-Bonbon tout-goude_5 011_grace-jones-et-jean-paul-goude_theredlist

Felix Pfaffli aka FEIXEN, Swiss talented graphic designer

Felix Pfaffli aka FEIXEN, Swiss talented graphic designer

felix pfaffli is a swiss graphic designer and illustrator working under the name feixen. over recent years he has produced an array of colorful and type-driven posters for suedpol, a multi purpose cultural center in kriens, switzerland. some of felix’s other clients include computer arts magazine, fast co. and etapes – he also teaches typography, narrative design, and poster design at the lucerne school of graphic design.