Ergon Mykonos

I came across this divine little shop while staying in Mykonos this summer. Ergon Mykonos offers an elegant and contemporary selection of home accessories, fashion, and art as any concept store should. The selection takes its inspiration from the tales of Greek mythology combined with contemporary aesthetics. Founded 5 years ago by Marietta Karpathiou, Ergon Mykonos showcases a refined selection which spans from kaftans, espadrilles, pillows and beach towels to sculptures and jewelry.  Each item is original and successfully blends Greek heritage and pop style. Don’t miss dropping by this little gem of a shop. It is a feast for the eyes.



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The Skilled One – designer of the month on Yad Cheri

Meet Ilena & Maria Kokkou :

Siblings share an inextricable, one of a kind bond. They are close yet different, sometimes they can even read each other’s minds. Ilena & Maria Kokkou are the perfect example of this sisterly chemistry.

They took this unique connection a further step, when they joined forces to found their koku concept brand in 2011. Trust, complimentary skills and a shared creative language define this dynamic duo.

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EVENT : Koku Concept comes to Geneva


Exclusively for Switzerland’s finest luxury department store, the delightful designer sisters Ilena & Maria of KOKU CONCEPT, Athens will be present on

Friday April 15th at Bongénie LAUSANNE from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Saturday April 16th  at Bongénie GENEVA from 11.30 to 5.00 pm

Come meet Ilena & Maria and customize with their help your choice of trays !


See you soon !
τα λέμε σύντομα






With an understated colour scheme of inky blues and fluted stone columns inside and an exterior covered in graffiti, new Athenian eatery Suvlaki represents modern Greek dining and is a far cry from the traditional taverna. ‘Gone are the days of bouzouki dancing and plate smashing,’ says London-based Greek interior designer Afroditi Krassa, who worked on the project. ‘Greece is currently presenting itself as one of the creative powerhouses of Europe and our interior design studio is picking up on this energy: the project is raw, witty and idiosyncratic.’ The atmosphere is laid-back, buzzy and welcoming. 21 Bateman St, London W1 ( source : Elle Decoration UK



House T by Olivier Dwek overlooks the idyllic Greek island of Kefalonia

Designed by Brussels-based architect Olivier Dwek, this country villa is embedded within the hillside of western Greece. named ‘House T’, The dwelling comprises a series of rooms, balconies and terraces all oriented to face Kefalonia — an island located 30 miles (48 km) from the country’s mainland. By carefully framing different views, the seascape is made even more theatrical. source : designboom






Poetic City Rooftop Hideaway in Athens

Architects Panos Dragonas and Varvara Christopoulou believe there is no longer anywhere remote enough to build a wilderness hideaway, so have instead proposed a cabin raised above the Athens rooftops.

This prompted the Greek architects to develop a new structure that allows the contemporary city dweller to escape a taxing daily routine without venturing into the wilderness.

Their proposal, named Detached, comprises a small cabin of just nine square metres. It takes the form of a typical wooden shed, but is also elevated above the city’s rooftop landscape on four slender columns. Source :




ANASSA, Greece

Launch of a new product : infusions under the name ‘Anassa’  are the brain child of Afroditi Florou and Gianna Mattheou, Greece.  The method of preparation echoes the steps of a traditional tea ceremony and allows the senses to enjoy each movement, a holistic experience which promises to satisfy and soothe even before tasting the delicate aromas of this exceptional product.

Anassa_Delood_01 Anassa_Delood_02

Stunning Futuristic Residence Athens, Greece by 314 Architecture Atudio

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Greek firm 314 Architecture Atudio completed the design for H3 House, a futuristic residence suspended on pillars, which seems to hover over the blue waters of the neighboring swimming pool. The detached building has a total area of 300 square meters and was constructed on a land of 7000 suqare meters in the outskirts of Athens, Greece. If the shape of this project inspires that of a boat, it is no coincidence: the architects took the challenge of building a home to reflect the owner’s passion for yachts