Shang Xia opens space by Kego Kuma, Shanghai

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has completed a space combining retail, culture and the arts for the contemporary chinese brand Shang Xia. Embodying Asian, high-quality craftsmanship in their opulent products, the store is located in a classical french villa within the historical and prominent district of Xintiandi in Shanghai. Inside the boutique, furniture, tea ware, clothing and jewelry are amongst some products that are elegantly displayed meanwhile a distinct and delicate canopy characterizes the space. The subtle and sculptural feature is the combination of natural wood and sandstone- instilling a sophisticated and refined look. source : designboom





Flask by Alberto Caiola, Shanghai

FLASK, Shanghai
Prohibition inspired bar hidden by camouflage Coke vending machine by Alberto Caiola, Shanghai.

At first glance, The traditional diner setting of The Press looks immediately familiar to passerby. The centrepiece of the room is a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, which is split vertically to swing open and reveal the entrance to Flask.
Stepping into the tunnel between The Press and Flask, the visitor experiences an extreme contrast in environment.
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Bar-Inside-Coke-Vending-Machine_2 Bar-Inside-Coke-Vending-Machine_3 Bar-Inside-Coke-Vending-Machine_4 FLASK.3-albertocaiola FLASK.5-albertocaiola FLASK.6-albertocaiola

Bamboo & Lotus Tea Room by Minax, Shanghai

Shanghai design studio Minax has completed a project called ‘lotus & bamboo tea room’ for the 2014 China International Aquilaria Culture Exposition & Living Space Exhibition. The volume is composed of 500 bamboo pieces measuring six centimeters in diameter, which each have different heights. the organization of these vertical pipes follows the shape of an ellipsoid inside a cube. The shape is manipulated by spot lamps which fill the cut of stalks, so upon entry, visitors will find a substantial portion of the massing dissolved. Thus, the remaining occupiable floor is negative space. source : designboom




Photography : Totems by Alain Delorme, Shanghai

For anyone familiar with Shanghai, it is always fascinating to watch these workers get around, pulling or pushing the towering stacks of objects around town. They are part of the scenery in modern Shanghai, just as much as the amazing skyscrapers.

‘I couldn’t believe the sheer volume of merchandise people carried around in Shanghai, whether by bike, tricycle or trolley,’ says Alain Delorme











PROFILE :Talented Chris Chang and her line Poesia

Poesia by Chris Chang’ is a Shanghai based designer brand clothing for fashion forward women and previledged girls from age 4 to 14. Designs are inspired by the vibrant colors of costumes around the world and traditional garb of Tibet, Mongolia, Yunnan and Xinjiang, cleverly interpreted into a kind of fun and funky, chic and glamorous way of dressing for the modern women.

Designer Chris Chang graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design and moved on to designing her own line of women’s wear called “Keyeyefive” before being recruited by Prada an1998 as the General Manager of Prada Taiwan.

2011062210303330647 img_1542

Corso Como takes Shanghai


01_10_Corso-Como_1F_BOOKSHOP_4 05_Corso_Como_2F_MAN-FASHION_3 06_10_Corso_Como_2F_MAN-FASHION_4 08_10_Corso_Como3F_WOMAN-FASHION_1-1 09_10_Corso_Como_3F_WOMAN-FASHION_1-1 11_10_corso_como3F_WOMAN-FASHION_5 12_10_Corso_Como_4F_GALLERY_1

When she launched her curated boutique on Milan’s 10 Corso Como back in 1990, Carla Sozzani couldn’t have imagined her vision would eventually infiltrate the Champs Elysees of China. Still, last week she cut the ribbon on her fourth and latest concept shop, in a four-storey glass missile on Shanghai’s flashiest shopping street, the Nanjing West Road.

The 2,500 sq m building is more akin to Sozzani’s glass-and-steel Seoul location than the original Milanese villa. In a quintessential East Asian circumstance, its neighbour is the 58-storey Wheelock Square, Shanghai’s fifth-tallest tower, though its polished glass façade reflects the image of Jing’an Temple, a Buddhist sanctuary that has inhabited the opposite corner for nearly 2,000 years.
Sozzani stripped back the interior to its raw, industrial core and bare white walls, adding a polished-concrete floor and leaving the rest to her longtime collaborator, the artist Kris Ruhs. The Corso Como monochrome palette was his starting point, and the hand-drawn circles that have become a motif across the brand now swathe Shanghai’s café walls, terrace floor and even Seussian faux-flower arrangements on circular tables.
Elsewhere Ruhs has taken his trademark scrap-metal sculpture to new heights. He has rounded thick concrete pillars in moiré patterns of paper-thin steel and installed perforated metal skins on the acute-angled windows. And he has designed some display tables with precision-cut circles and others by interlocking sheets of metal in architectural patterns. Meanwhile, the freestanding clothing rails and mirrors take on anthropomorphic qualities under his outlandish hand.

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The Commune Social restaurant by Neri&Hu Shanghai

The Commune Social restaurant by Neri&Hu Shanghai

The Commune Social located at the Design Republic Design Commune is a new tapas restaurant designed by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office of Shanghai. The food concept is a fresh and modern take on Spanish tapas, where the small dishes served are refined interpretations of the tapas genre with an international twist.